7 Hacks for a quick make up

Always in a rush in the morning..?

Many of my clients tell me they are short on time and often give up on make up because when they do apply makeup it has gone by 11am.

Here are my tips on how to create a flawless makeup.

1 – Primer

You will thank me later.

Essentially, plying your skin with long wearing make up is all well and good, but without the right canvas there is simply nothing to grip to.

My clients often tell me their skin ‘eats make up’. Well that just means it is not sufficiently hydrated so instead your skin is just absorbing anything it can, to get some moisture.

Hydration is really key to plumping up the skin.

2 – Foundation / Tinted Moisturiser

You will feel more confident once you have evened out your skintone.

Avoid the eye area. Even if the foundation says its oil free, it’s probably not mineral oil free so any foundation applied on the eyes will interrupt your eye makeup.

Anyone find their mascara moves to under their eyes?

This will be why!

3 – Bronzer

Using bronzer is a great way to make your skin look radiant and healthy.

It will add warmth, define cheek bones, and emulate a sun-kissed glow!

4 – Brow

Well defined brows accentuate the eyes and shape the face. They play a powerful role in communication.

When you start a conversation with someone you always notice their brows. You can use pencils, shadows, brow mascaras.

A well groomed brow is a must!

5 – Mascara

An instant pick me up product!

A great mascara can lengthen, curl and volumise the lashes. Eyes really are the window to our soul. Full beautiful lashes will frame your features.

I like to build the mascara up at the root of the lashes.

If you do not have time for any other make up be sure to put on a lick of mascara.

6 – Lipstick

Lipsticks have been reinvented…

Forget the Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipsticks from the 90’s, I am talking about soft subtle colours on your lips that can easily team up as a blusher too.

A lipstick will complete the make up and balance the features of eyes, cheeks and lips.

7 – Eyeliner

With an eyeliner alone you can rock a statement eye or make less of a statement with just a little buffed along the top lash line.

Smudging eyeliner along the top line will instantly make the roots of your lashes look thicker. Try a long lasting product for more durability.

Going out straight from the office..?

Apply more eyeliner for a rock chic look!

Still need some help…?

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